Merritt Snowmobile Club 

"Sled 'N Heaven"




Mountain Web Cam Feeds Sponsored By:

Our cameras take a picture every 10 mins and post to the web. 
Watch the playback of the last 10 hrs to see conditions progress.
Please give the camera a wipe-off if riding on the mountain.


Installed Feb 18/2023

Lots of planning went into this.
Thanks to all the volunteers & company’s that helped make this happen.
This was a dream build for the club a couple of years ago and turned into qualifying to be partly funded by a grant with the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation - BCSF

Thanks to Jessie Pierce with Valley Helicopters Ltd. for flying out this new piece of technology into our sledding backcountry. 

Cool Tech on board includes:
- This unit will have a camera that takes a photo every 10mins and is uploaded to our Merritt Snowmobile Club website.
- APRS GPS Digi. The ability to forward GPS data from the region from our groomers into the ham radio tracking network.
- Local open WiFi for emergency call out.
- Be a known point in the alpine so SAR crews can recover injured folks from. Has an excellent landing area right next to it.
- Remote monitored for battery health and solar production. 

Again thanks to Grant Klassen, Wyatt MacDonald and Simon & Bryson Rizzardo for helping out on-site today. Thanks to David Swoboda for being at the launch spot and keeping trucks from parking in the way. Future add-ons may include internet linking for backcountry BCA radio channel 4, T100 back to Merritt for emergency calls.


Brookmere Parking Lot at Thynne Mt.


8 Other Live Mountain Top Cams in the Area
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