Merritt Snowmobile Club 

"Sled 'N Heaven"

2022 / 2023 memberships.

Easy Online purchase your Club Membership & Day Passes.

If you still need help please contact us by email to get your account setup. 

In person visit Napa Autopro (Adam McDonald), Franks Mechanical Service (Frank Douthwright), or Nicola Motor Sports (Grant Klassen).


Adam McDonald

2549 Nicola Ave


Nicola Motorsports

Grant Klassen

2626 Nicola Ave


Franks Mechanical Services
Adam Douthwright

2026 Mamette Ave.


You have the option to purchase your memberships online

Online payment options-Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover card, & Visa Debit
We are launching a new access program to allow for online purchase of Day Passes and Memberships so please do so before you hit the trails.  Thanks !
Membership Rates for the 
2022 / 2023 Snowmobiling Season
***All Adult Memberships require a purchase of a BCSF membership of $35***

***Youth / Senior Memberships require a purchase of a BCSF membership of $15***

Primary - $153.25  *BCSF not included*
Secondary - $143.25 *BCSF not included*

Youth - 18 and under - $20.00 *BCSF not included*
Senior 65+ - $130.95 - *BCSF not included*

Corporate - $500 includes two season trail passes

Day passes -  $25 per snowmobile.  Day Passes will be available at the trail head cash & paid online day before riding. Please purchase your memberships online with our new system.

Note: Memberships and day passes DO NOT include liability insurance, that must be purchased separately through an approved insurance broker ie. Oasis, Interior Savings insurance, Capri Insurance etc. Also when getting your liability and snowmobile insurance you may be entitled to a discount for having an AST1 course, Safe Snowmobile Operators Training, or being a member of the club.

Money collected from Membership fees, and Day Passes help fund trail signing, trail maintenance,maintenance of our club shelters,annual Club Insurance costs, other club operational costs,and the ever increasing cost of fuel for the groomers.

Membership Benefits

By joining the Merritt Snowmobile Club, you are choosing to support snowmobiling in BC and ensure that we have areas to ride for future generations.  So while many people join the club for a groomed trail there is more to snowmobile clubs than just that.  The volunteers in clubs negotiate with government to manage these areas and work hard to meet the ongoing requirements of these agreements.  There are many well-funded groups getting organized and advocating to have us removed from the backcountry.  We need to stay organized, have strong membership numbers, and support the volunteers that keep this all going so that the people that just want to ride can.

Your Club membership includes a membership in the BCSF which gives you the following benefits with our corporate partners:

  1. Capri Insurance offers members discounted Liability and Theft Insurance
  2. Sandman Hotels gives 10% off their best advertised rate to BCSF members
  3. Amsoil sells their products to BCSF members at wholesale pricing
  4. Free Subscription to SnoRiders Magazine
  5. BMO MasterCard offers a special BCSF rewards MasterCard
  6. Mark’s Work Wear House offers our members 10% off their purchases
  7. In-Reach Communicators offers 15% off their monthly subscription charge
  8. Discounts with several AST 1 providers including Zacs Tracs, Trigger Point.  Ask your AST provider if they provide a discount when you register
Get Involved

Your local club has many opportunities to get involved. You could volunteer to be a Director, help with an advertising campaign, provide some accounting advice, fix a piece of equipment, repair a shelter, work a snow show booth, or just step up and cook hotdogs at an event. Clubs are driven by volunteers and everything you see or do while riding is as a result of someone having volunteered their time. Contact your club or attend a meeting if you want to help.

Tell your friends...share the love

The more we support our local snowmobile clubs the better our riding areas will be. There is proven strength in numbers. Members provide a defendable position in the case of a proposed closure. It provides necessary financial resource for your club and BCSF to represent our sport and be a strong voice. Added to this your club invests their membership money back into your riding areas and community. Clubs create jobs, tourism, and winter economic benefit while giving back in many ways through fundraisers for other
organizations or local families.